Tourism Sector in Turkey

Turkey is a well-known tourism destination that continues to present investment opportunities in established as well as newly developing sub-sectors of the industry.

Attracting more than 30 million tourists each year, Turkey is currently ranked 6th most popular tourist destination in the world. The number of visitors continues to grow apace, fueling the burgeoning Turkish tourism industry. Showing no signs of a slowdown despite recent global economic crises, Turkey retains enormous untapped potential as a holiday destination. Among the wide variety of attractions for which this beautiful country is rightly proud are the unspoiled bays and sweeping pearl beaches of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. A country that has been the site of many empires throughout the ages, Turkey is as rich in history as it is in natural beauty. The Anatolian Peninsula is a palimpsest of ancient civilizations and cultures—from Ephesus in the West to Mount Nemrut in the East—that have left their legacies in the forms of sacred sites, temples, and religious grounds -each as various and distinct as the various cultures and beliefs that created them.

The Ministry of Tourism as well as non-governmental actors of the tourism industry are playing an active role in bolstering Turkey’s robust socioeconomic growth. To fully realize the potential of this growing, diverse sector, both are working towards increasing tourism receipts. Through programs and policies that eliminate bureaucratic barriers that hinder growth in individual sectors while offering reduced utility prices and reduced tax rates, the government and industry have stimulated growth in new areas. Notable for their impressive growth are such areas as construction and large convention and expo centers which boost convention tourism. Indeed, convention tourism has become a particularly robust area. Turkey’s largest city, Istanbul, is more than just the cultural capital. The historic metropolis continues to bridge cultures by accommodating them, as well as hosting large-scale international events. There are currently a hundred plus 5-star hotels and state-of-the-art convention facilities, making it the ideal destination for a holiday or large-scale gatherings and exhibitions.

A factor in contributing to the steady growth of the health tourism sector was an open-admittance policy for foreigners seeking treatment which eliminated most bureaucratic procedures. Another budding area is Eco-tourism, a sub-sector that has enjoyed considerable growth in Turkey following the redesigning environmental protection policies.