Power & Energy Law


Power and Energy Law in Turkey

We act according to the fact that our clients want solutions that work in both the real world and the court room. We are confident about our knowledge of laws pertaining to the power & energy sector  because we keep abreast of all relevant laws and regulations. And we are well aware of the industry’s commercial and regulatory realities, the politics and the people. We strive to combine our legal knowledge with the facts of the real world and our practical experience with our insight into how regulatory and political issues affect the energy business.

Turkey’s ongoing implementation of a comprehensive program to liberalize and privatize the energy market highlights the value of our specialization on energy investments. This specialization enables us to provide legal assistance to the investors, contractors, developers, engineers, consultants and traders in relation to market participation & regulatory rules, law of privatization and drafting & negotiation of required contracts therefor—such as transfer of operational rights, transfer of assets, EPC contracts, O&M Contracts, leases & facility agreements.

Our Power & Energy practice covers a comprehensive range of legal and business matters including the development and financing of green field or brown field energy & infrastructure projects, environmental representation, permitting, licensing, providing counsel on structuring the contractual background of the projects—including the drafting of the relevant major supply contracts and subcontracts.

Renewables & Clean Energy

The trend of global renewable and clean energy development is rapidly changing in parallel with increasing environmental awareness and focus, assisted by government incentives and emerging technologies. Opportunities in Renewable Energy arise as new and improved technologies emerge and legislation and global awareness evolve. As the Turkish Government looks to new methods to support investments in clean electricity production, investors’ appetite continues to grow. For those of us active in the energy industry this presents a whole new range of opportunities and challenges.

How we can assist you in Power and Energy:

We provide legal advice on all aspects of natural gas market, electricity market, coal & other mineral extractions and licenses, feed-in tariffs (FiTs) regime, all renewable and clean energy technologies including: wind, biomass, anaerobic digestion, waste to energy, solar energy, geothermal energy and hydro generation. We understand the renewable energy market and effectively provide legal support to investors, developers and contractors on a regular basis. What this means for our clients is access to legal advisers who are committed to the sector, and who possess the resources, in-depth industry expertise and experience required.

We counsel developers, owners, purchasers and sellers of energy projects, as well as their lenders on complex projects involving both fossil fuel and alternative energy sources.

We can assist you with matters of:

– Project development and financing

– Due diligence for energy projects, corporate transactions and investments

– Regulatory issues

– EPC Contracting

– Operation & Maintanance Contracts

– Asset Management Contracts

– Permitting & Licensing

– Acquisition of energy projects

– Energy contracts

– Strategic alliances

– Joint Ventures & Consortiums

– Public Tenders & Tender Laws

– Privatizations

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