Engineering Procurement & Construction Law


International Engineering Procurement and Construction Projects

With today’s fierce competition, the need to receive thorough legal guidance from lawyers who understand the commercial and technical essence of your business has never been more important. Our clients say they choose us because we comprehend all the legal, business and technical aspects of their construction, engineering and procurement projects.

The strength of our reputation is based on our extensive experience in various EPC Projects. Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracts are the most common form of contracts used by the private sector in on large scale and complex construction and infrastructure projects. The legal requirements of the applicable law of the contract, and the country in which the project will take place as well as the places from which any part of the project will be imported or procured may play a crucial role deciding on the structure and proper allocation of risk in an EPC Contract. This requires a well-drafted EPC Contract —from both the perspective of the contractor and the owner—according to applicable laws. Whether a project is large or small, even minor mistakes must be avoided as they may cause a domino effect that leads to catastrophic losses for the contractors, suppliers or investors.

Our experience in Engineering, Procurement and Construction is broad-based and includes EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) Projects in Turkey, the Russian Federation, Israel, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, North Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Namibia, Senegal, Romania and in the Middle East. Our experience with projects in these countries includes negotiating with foreign corporations and governments in connection with various business agreements, EPC Contracts, Operation & Maintenance Contracts, Asset Management Contracts, corporate & civil litigation and representation of companies in significant and complex commercial and international transactions.

We pursue commercially-minded solutions, from the inception of the project to the construction and operation phases.

 How we can assist you in your EPC Projects:

– We can assist you with matters of:

– Negotiation and preparation of Tender Packages, Engineering, Procurement, & Construction (EPC) Contracts, Design & Build contracts, EPC Management Contracts, Operation & Maintenance Contracts, Asset Management Contracts, Supply Contracts, Engineering services agreements, architectural services agreements and transportation agreements;

– Negotiation and preparation of subcontracts, consultancy agreements, collaboration agreements, joint venture agreements, consortium agreements;

– Providing contract management services;

– Assistance with defective work claims, injury claims on construction sites, change order issues, costs overrun claims, bonding and liquidated damage claims, and architectural or engineering malpractice, industrial design disputes, construction and contract disputes, tender disputes, engineering claims, lien claims;

– Insurance issues including liability, builder’s risk, errors and omissions, and professional liability coverage;

– Regulatory and municipal planning approvals;

– Determination of the project finance requirements of each specific project and their incorporation  into the respective contracts.