Dispute Resolution


We recognize that sound legal advice at an early stage can help our clients avoid costly and time-consuming legal proceedings. We start with an early assessment of the case and carefully consider the strategy as well as any alternatives to a formal procedure, including alternative dispute resolution. We will not hesitate to take immediate action where a dispute is inevitable; however, we also recognize that prolonged litigation is not always the most suitable path—particularly when the parties are trying to preserve a commercial relationship.

Where litigation is necessary, we have the resources and skills to represent our clients effectively and proactively. We act and react quickly to minimize disruption and to solve  problem as soon as they arise. In cases where an amicable settlement or an alternative way of settlement is infeasible or inadvisable, we will guide and represent our clients through the courts and provide intelligence, diligently combining our strong theoretical knowledge with our extensive practical experiences.

Our dispute resolution practice covers corporate and commercial claims & litigation, real estate disputes, administrative litigation, civil & criminal litigation and labor law litigation.